Crashes with AMD Radeon graphics [MERGED]

If this refers to the avatar flickering (but bike still there) at high frame rates, there’s a workaround for that on Nvidia systems that I bet would work for you too. But kind of pointless if the game is crashing anyway. :frowning:

Still broken for me…

I downleveled my drivers to 21.10.2 and was able to enter and exit the desert while riding Watopia’s Waistband. Although there is a “glitch in the matrix” at both ends. No avatar flickering either.

Glad to hear it! If things suddenly stop working in the future, then that’s probably Windows Update pushing a newer AMD driver on you. My Windows 10 copy was automatically installing 21.10.2 which did not work on my 5600xt, but it sounds like it works for you so that’s great. I can’t attach links, but you can search for ways to prevent Windows from updating hardware drivers.

In other news, my 3060ti arrived this afternoon and is now installed. I haven’t had a chance to ride but did some spectating at Tempus. I was holding steady around 60+ fps at 4k (held my TV’s 120 fps limit just sitting on the side of the road). I’m not sure if it was that high because I wasn’t riding. The 5600xt is going into my backup computer with a 2600x, so I’ll still be interested in hearing when (if?) this gets fixed.

See Nvidia settings guide. :wink:

Where are we on this ?? Im not buying a new graphics card to run zwift…

Can an actual Zwift employee respond with some concrete information in regards to fixing this issue ?? The application has been recently updated yet i still cannot access all of what im paying for.

If an employee who is reading this cannot answer with some certainty then please pass it up to whomever can … This is getting Urgent … You cannot state that the program supports using certain hardware yet have it not be working all this time and my training is being affected.

Thank You

The specific issue on this topic for certain AMD GPUs crashing while riding in the Watopia desert is being actively worked on should be fixed soon and I’ll make sure to follow up in this topic when it is


Still still broken for me


I’ve had my new gaming PC for a couple months now and Zwift has been freezing in game after anywhere between 1 minute to 30 minutes.

It totally freezes and basically hangs, forcing me to close through task manager.

I’ve tried running it windowed, full screen, low or high settings but nothing changes.

Run through Zwift log analyzer, nothing to report on that side, running fine.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?



Unfortunately there are a large number of crashing/freezing issues for AMD graphics at the moment. So it’s definitely not just you.

Damn, I was hoping that wasn’t the case and it would be an easy fix!

Cheers for the reply though.

You could try experimenting with different versions of the drivers. But I don’t think that anyone else has found a reliable workaround yet. You’ll find plenty of other threads on this, e.g. [October 2021] Zwift crashes with new AMD display drivers

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Wish I’d kept my old Nvidia gaming PC now… I’ll just cancel and go on RGT/ Wahoo, works fine on that.

Weird thing is, it seems to be something in relation to rendering desert graphics… I only crash when I get a glimpse of sand/ Fugit location… Runs fine on all guest world’s. Very odd!

Definitely a rendering engine/ OpenGl issue.

That seems to be what many others are reporting too. Hopefully that might make it easier for Zwift to figure out what’s going on and come up with a workaround or fix.


Hi @Oliver_Hammonds welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Since you sound pretty hardware-savvy, can I ask for more details about this?

  1. What Zwift world / route were you in when this freeze happened?
  2. Are you able to reproduce in a different world / route?

Would you be wiling to send us the most recent game log from the hung session? Sounds like you know where to locate it already, but just in case here’s how.

  • Please contact my colleagues for one-on-one assistance and email us that log. We do this via email because text files can’t be uploaded to this forum due to malware risks.
  • Lastly - so that we know the details of the GPU hardware and all the relevant driver versions installed - please run DirectX diagnostics and send us the info it saves out. Do that by:
  • Type “dxdiag” in your Windows search bar
  • When the DirectX diagnostic tool comes up (might take a minute), hit “Save all information”

For anyone else reading along - running the dxdiag app will tell you the details of what GPU you have in your PC, as well as details of the graphics drivers installed, etc. Knowing this is the first step in triaging issues if the root cause is a driver conflict. It will help you and Zwift Support to have this information.

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I’ll get this sorted tomorrow and reply in full/ send all the information I have over.

Cheers for reply,


Hey Zwift, love the engagement here, but you have known about this issue with AMD GPU’s since October 2021 and have done zero. I’ve done the “private email” with you all the logs, all the drivers, even went back to Win10 and nothing. Check out the gem response I got from Zwift after all the time spend beta testing 10+ AMD drivers for you with no sucess.

What a piece of crap response from Zwift on this topic…
This is direct copy and paste from Zwift.

Sometimes known issues won’t come up for a while, part of the reason that the issues that are still happening aren’t fixed is because we’re still figuring out exactly what causes it and how to fix it. It’s not specific to the new update, and has been around for a while, but it seems like the new update triggered the issue to flare up for you specifically. We don’t have an estimated timeline on when there will be a fix because it’s impossible to estimate, unfortunately bug fixes aren’t that simple, when it’s fixed depends on when our dev team figures out how to fix it. Programming is complex, and with a multitude of other improvements and additions to Zwift to develop it’s not something we have a concrete timeframe on when this specific issue will be fixed.

Ok, so in short. AMD users you are on your own. We don’t care about stabilizing the software because programming is hard and we have big ideas before we go fixing bugs

canceled as of today

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Hey everyone - I combined several long-standing threads about game crashes on AMD graphics systems into this one. Sorry for the messed up timelines and the likelihood that different AMD-related issues are now jumbled into this one thread, however…

We are rolling out a fix for AMD graphics issues early next week that we think will address many of the crashes affecting you. I’ll update again when that patch is live.