Crash when logging in [Android] [November 2021] [1.19.0]

The app crashes at startup when clicking the triangle on android Samsung S21+

Thanks for flagging up this Android report. Would you try something at the login screen? Rather than logging in with your remembered user tile, instead:

  1. Select Change User
  2. Select Add Existing User
  3. Enter your username & password

Are you able to launch the game and enter the world & route selection screen? If no - when exactly does it crash?

Thanks for response.

I tried add existing user and after putting In email and password and pressing next It crashes.

When clicking the white triangle It crashes.
Getting a message from android that this app Is crashing a lot too

Any chance you have a second non-Android device that can run Zwift? Curious if you’re able to replicate the crash from a not Android device. Or if not a crash - have login denied. Wondering if something about your user credentials got messed up is why I ask.

Well now it suddenly worked!

I see I have got two emails recently:

"Hey Anders,

It looks like you didn’t finish signing up for your Zwift membership. No worries – we all get busy!"

Looks like a credential problem as you said!

Case closed :slight_smile:

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Super weird, but happy for you!


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I want to start Zwift on a Samsung S6 lite tablet running Android 11. When I start Zwift I see version 1.19.0 (100118). There are two options: login or register as a new user. If I opt to login I can enter my login and password. Then Zwift crashes. I’ve tried restarting the tablet, but get the same problem. Any ideas?

Hi Martin,
I got exactly the same probleem with my IPad, I get two different errors. Either E-mail adres incorrect or a crash.

To solve I tried:

  • Update iPad to latest IOS
  • Reinstall Zwift
  • Restart IPad
  • Delete Zwift om all other devices

All ideas are welcome.


See Swift crash at login - #11 by Marian_M1 for a workaround.