Crash loading Makuri Islands after Neokyo update [iOS]

I tried riding Zwift for the first time since the Version 1.19.0 update on my iPad Gen 7 on the latest iOS version. I was able to log in fine (so not the same as the “Crash after login (IOS and AppleTV)” issue) and pair my equipment. While the iPad was generating the world, the iPad crashed. And it wouldn’t start again. After taking it to the Apple Store, it was declared a total loss (at a replacement cost of $250).

I don’t know if other worlds work or not (as is the case for the Windows 8 version of this bug report (“Makuri Islands crashing after Neokyo update [Windows 8]” issue), because I no longer have a device I can use. I’m very upset.

Sorry to hear about your problem, that does sound very frustrating.

However, I can’t see how an app can brick an iPad through its own fault. This sounds like an OS/hardware issue on your iPad, and something that Apple should sort out. No-one else has reported anything like this on here.


Agreed that a crash shouldn’t brick an iPad. But I also haven’t seen this particular crash documented anywhere on the forum and wanted to make sure it’s seen. (Hence the title as it is rather than “Zwift bricked my iPad”)