Crash after log in with RTX 3080


I’ve wasted all morning trying to load zwift, but I’m getting a crash to desktop straight after log in is successful. This has been happening since the most recent update.

I have tried reinstalling zwift, reinstalling my graphics drivers, checking firewalls, running as administrator etc. so I’m fairly confident it is a software issue.

Please advise.

Clear Internet Explorer Cache

Already tried that.

Just did it again and it worked this time :man_facepalming:

Still, really annoying that we have to do that.

It’s just Zwift’s way of telling you that your GPU is ridiculously overspecced :laughing: :wink:

Got to have my 1000FPS :man_shrugging:


This happened again this morning despite me clearing IE cache several times.

I installed an old launcher at @Dave_ZPCMR’s suggestion and that fixed it. Cheers Dave! :man_shrugging:

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