CPU 100% when start ZwiftApp

(Dani C) #1


I’m running a Mac Pro Mid 2012 with 16 GM ram, SSD on OSX 10.10.2 and the minute i start ZwiftApp the CPU goes up to 100%.

any ideas?



(Dave Clark | Michigan) #2

Seemed like Zwift was really taxing my MacBook Air as well - tried running it without being plugged in, and it drained the battery incredibly fast.  I didn’t check the CPU usage, but will next time.

The app seemed to run acceptably well - although I noticed some lag, I am unsure whether it was my computer or my internet connection (WiFi router on second floor, trainer in basement).

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Zwift takes a lot of resources, like most 3D applications do. Especially on older machines like that.

I highly suggest you run Zwift off of plug-in power because using battery alone throttles your 3d graphics chip to try and conserve power.

(Dani C) #4

I confirm that with my Mac plugged-in it work like a charm :slight_smile:

(Peter Hendry) #5

Zwift on OSX is using 50%+ CPU just on the initial trainer selection screen. That’s an incredible amount when it should be doing nothing. It is also changing the mouse cursor to the busy beachball for 1s every 3s. 

Zwift has also gobbled up just under 1GB of RAM while still on this initial trainer selection screen - I’ve not gone into the graphical part of the game yet.

This is a whole lot of resources for something that is doing absolutely nothing!

Once I go into the game the CPU is pegged to 100%. This is very high too even though it is doing 3D graphics. Most of the graphical work should be offloaded to the GPU. Much higher resolution games using much more advanced graphics rarely push the CPU to 100% on my machine.

Other have suggested this is the case for older computers but this is a very high-spec 2014 Macbook Pro (2.6GHz, 16GB, …). I can play some games for up to 2 hours usually but Zwift miraculously drains the battery in under 30 mins. Would be nice if it would last an hour at least. It is a big hassle unplugging everything and setting up power down at my bike because of this and would be much simpler if it would be a bit less resource hungry.

Going by the excessive use when it should be doing nothing in the selection menu I would expect there is something running that is misbehaving within the process that could be fixed with a little profiling.

(Steve Wan) #6

I’m running into the same issues. 

I’ve got a mid 2014 MBP - Core i7 @ 2.2Ghz with 16gb of memory. Why is the CPU usage so high?

I’m running OSX 10.12.1. I can’t remember if it was this bad before the Sierra update since I always have had headphones plugged in. 

(Jouni Sonninen) #7

Same here: 50% CPU usage on OS X Sierra (MacBook Pro,  2,6 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB) when just in initial screen.

(Kris Hartner) #8

Just got the new 2016 MacBook Pro 15" with maxed out specs - max RAM, CPU, Graphics. And even plugged in, Zwift is draining the battery - wouldn’t be able to ride for more than 90 minutes at this rate.