Covid survivor

From where do we re start after recovering from Covid ?

Probably best off doing an FTP test to get a guage of where you are compared to pre Covid.

Adjust this for your workouts so they are relevant to your current level.

Throw in an effort up the Alpe in a free ride which will increase your FTP accordingly.

I would suggest speaking to your medical advisor to see how much effort they suggest you put in.

Good luck.

Ride On!

sing it with me!

(i would probably not advise starting off with a test to failure as the first thing you do when you get back on the bike post-illness…! keep it tempo pace for at least a couple of weeks…!)

the good news is, it’s a lot easier the second time around to get back to a fitness level that you previously achieved :3

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Thanks for feedback and encouragement. Honestly 45 mins easy got me fatigued . Before it struck me was doing 3 vo2 workouts a week , 1 long sweet spot and 2 easy. This week should have been my peak week. Well it is but inverted.
So best is to ride on and re build.

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