Course Complete Indicator

I’ve seen a few variations of this but surely it’s a given that we need a “course completed” icon when we are selecting courses? its a basic request that you should easily be able to tell when selecting a course on any world if you’ve done it or not?

that would be nice - i had to make my own spreadsheet and use it to plan and track progress…

The handling of courses seems extremely ad hoc. Ideally there would be a status:
distance to start of course
distance to end of course
course completed
off course

if the GUI gets too crowded, allow users to customize the GUI to prioritize what they see.


That is a nice idea @Daniel_Connelly.

But it need to be optional, I very rarely ride any course (exept for a badge). I get on and pick turns as I feel.

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There is a counter next to each route in every world. It looks like it is stuck between 0 and 1 but that should click up 1 every time you complete it. Its already there on the screen, they just need to make it work. Must be the simplest bit of code ever