Couple questions about TVOS

I can’t seem too figure out how to change riders in watch mode. I swipe on the Apple remote but only highlights the camera angle and back to me. Also what are the icons that pop up  over the riders heads. For example the truck. 

The icons represent tokens (not the official word for the icon, I’m sure) that you get when going through preset spots like the end of a sprint. The truck represents a boost you get when drafting. A feather indicates a boost for climbing. Someplace they are all listed…but don’t know the URL.

Todd: to the best of my knowledge, in the current version of Apple TV Zwift, the Apple remote control does not interact with the rider menu on the right side of the screen while you are in game.

You would need to use Zwift Mobile Link on another device (iPhone, etc.) to interact with riders in game.

Thanks guys