Country flags all 'no country' now

New ZC updates have appeared for iOS and Android (3.23). The iOS one on my iPad has the user flags back, the Android one on my Samsung is still the same, no user flags.

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I thought that the lack of flags was always just an Android thing?


Yep you are right, been so long I forgot the issue was just with Android.

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3.32 on Android - still no flags.

Look a few posts up:

The store app indicates CA was updated 10 hours ago. It is still 3.23 (not 3.32, me bad…) - but no flags.

Not sure why marked “updated”, but still carry the previous version number.

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That sounds like the time that you updated it on your device. I installed the update 15 hours ago, before Shooj posted.

Weird that we haven’t got a changelog post.

Had it with waiting. Downgraded with an APK of v. 3.21. All flags are now back!
Switched off auto-updating as well, so I get to decide when the update should be done.

No flags on my android companion app yesterday and today. Play store says the app updated yesterday too. Presumed it was a new bug :frowning:

So we have a new version of Android Companion and this still isn’t fixed. Is it really that hard?

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Obviously it is otherwise I’m sure they’d have fixed it sooner.

Flags fixed brilliant Zwift

Flags fixed on Samsung / android companion app yipeeeee RIDE ON :biking_man:‍♂