Country flags all 'no country' now

Wow, How many days does it take to bring back a previous feature?

They do have to do some testing, you know… :wink:

How can something so glaring not get caught?

Does Zwift do QA (Quality Assurance) before releasing updates to their paying customers?
don’t answer, that was a rhetorical question, the results speak for themselves.


Sane here. Many days to fix diconnections since last week too!.

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Still no flags !


Interesting. I was wondering what was going on with the flags in the companion app when all the flags in was showing up as grey. Hate to see it happen, but I am glad I am not the only one experiencing this problem. Usually when stuff like this happens, I am the only one it happens to. I have strange luck.


Same here on Android. Not the only one at least :slightly_smiling_face:

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Guess uninstalling and reinstalling Companion app will not fix this as problem is with version 3.22.1

Same issue for me. Couple of days now. (Android). Has anyone From zwift even acknowledged this issue?

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See above in this thread (“All - thanks for flagging up the flags missing in the Android Companion app. We’re on it.”)

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Yes hate it

Does not work reinstalling. Still no flags nightmare. Get it fixed zwift

Totally agree

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Ok, I am still not the only one having this issue. My friends are on Android

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Had this problem myself for over 2 weeks now all flags showing Canada in grey hope it is fixed soon :roll_eyes::thinking::frowning:

Same here. Really annoying :unamused:


No flats on Android 4 me 2 :‐((

It’s been 3 weeks and still no country flags in Companion app. It’s making it difficult to find friends when so many have the same name and not everyone has a photo. Please fix this! Thanks.

We’re still working on the flags missing from Android Companion, y’all. We hope to get this ironed out as soon as we can.



We. heard that three weeks ago.