Country flag

Can I have the Haitian flag :haiti: shown next to my name like any other countries. Why are there still countries missing flag in the game

Agreed!!! We need more flags that represent the people who are paying!! I’m requesting Ghana :ghana: as well.

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Same goes for Suriname :suriname:. Companion app does show the country flag :suriname: after selecting country Suriname in profile, but the flag does not appear in-game next to name while riding/running. Just keeps showing that greyed-out canadian leaf flag. Apparently overlooked for some countries thinking it is fixed by having the flag in Companion app (another country flag thread found archived after that point is mentioned, “case closed”). It’s not, not in-game. Please have a look and correct @ Zwift, thanks! It matters, imagine the US flag not in game, that would freak one out, wouldn’t it? Please :+1:t4:

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I have been on swift since Feb-2020, and since than i always wonder why my country flag isn’t showing. Am from Oman and so far i managed to see all the neighbouring countries flag UAE, Bahrain, Qatar. the only one i havent seen are Oman and KSA, to the point that i had to add Oman to my Name so if someone would wonder where i am riding from. i hoped the new updates in May-2020 would have fixed that but it didn’t. I still can’t understand why the flag wouldn’t show while the country name is already there.