Couldn't Join - Tour of Watopia Stage 1

I was signed up to Tour of Watopia Stage 1 but was never prompted to join the event and it was getting close to 9:00am. I restarted Zwift and couldn’t join the ride until ~1mile into the stage and of course I get no credit.:unamused: Can you please look at this issue with joining events? This issue has happened on other events.

@Chris_Doss_V_PACK Posting the same post multiple places is not helpful. I will delete your other post since that one is a bit off topic.
We can continue here to help find a solution.

How did you sign up, i think there can be a conflict if you sign up using the companion app while on the startup screen.
In future if you are warming up before a event and it does not show the Join Event button 15 minutes before the event, open the companion app, unselect the event and re select it that will force the Join Event button to show.

@Gerrie_Delport I only posted this once unless there was a duplicate generated somehow.Thanks for the info, I’ll try next time this happens on an event.

No problem.

Let us know if you have the same problem. Good luck on the next event.