Couldn't find the Login server. Launching Zwift without credentials

Due to startup problems before the latest update of Zwift I got this message.
This morning I deleted Zwift and installed it again. But this issue wasn’t fixed.
On my second laptop the updated Zwift-version works well.
Please advise me how to solve this issue…
Environment of Zwift: Program Files (x86)\Zwift
ZwiftSetup.exe 2022-01-8 19.285kb
ZwiftLauncher.exe 2022-04-19 17.620kb

Hi @Siep_Luinenburg

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You mentioned that the message or error you’ve received is “Couldn’t find the Login server. Launching Zwift without credentials”, is this correct?

I searched but could not find any other reference to this error.

I suspect there is perhaps something blocking Zwift on your computer, but it’s difficult to say without more information.

It’s possible that the log.txt files or launcher_log.txt files on your computer will reveal other errors or clues as to why you’re having this issue. I suggest that you gather your log files as explained in this article, and then contact the Zwift support team via chat or email to investigate this matter further.

You can contact us here.

Hi @Siep_Luinenburg
The laptop with this problem - is it running Windows 11 by any chance?