Could not participate in Maratona dles Dolomites eFondo


After I joined the event I ended up in the water!? When the event started I couln’t get out of the wateer and participate. After pedaling for two minutes I gave up, restarted Zwift and rode The Pretzel the normal way. 

Zwift seemed very buggy at the time of the start. So I also missed the Maratona… and rode the Pretzel the normal way.

Maybe uploading / showing the FIT file would create a “backwards” participation ?

me too - i couldnt get in and arrived one min late and just rode along…grrr…zwift support, can all those of us who couldnt get in but cycled the event be given access to the kit ?


Was logged into the event, event started and I was ‘stuck’ in the water next to the pier.  Logged back in and missed the event, rode the pretzel.  Any way of getting that AWESOME jersey ?

No problem taking part and completing the event…but everyone was in an all white kit! Thought nothing of it until saw pics posted at the end. How do I get the kit I was promised? Was expecting to be able to simply unlock it!

I have exactly the same problem Dave - have an open ticket and hoping it can be fixed.

My experience was somewhat different.  The ride fliers said 630am-9pm all week so I thought it was an all day event. Only found out last night it was a 530 rise-n-shine ride. Anyway, I logged in at 520am, but wasn’t even close to ride ready. Everybody took off and I didn’t even get on the bike till just after 6am. I started DEAD LAST!  

I must say it was kinda nice…just went at my own pace and picked off the stragglers 1 by 1.  Very sweet kit, but why did the fliers say 630am - 9pm if there was only ONE start time?

If you followed the steps for joining an event, but started in the water or noticed another issue with joining the event, please submit a support ticket so we can get your game logs. Thanks!

Mine was a different experience. Everything was set up and ready to ride, the race started and all was going well. A couple of small system crashes but managed to keep going. At around 27 miles the system crashed and was unable to get back into the race. All other participants disappeared and I was riding by myself. So, I was mid pack at the time, so looked back either rankings for a participant who hadn’t covered the same miles as me. Restarted Zwift and chose to ride with this person, which meant I would have do more miles, but at least I was back in the game. However I was back in the normal Zwift kit and not part of the ride. I passed several riders still in the Maratona  riding gear. Finished the ride which was now in two parts. So now I can’t get the kit and didn’t get a time for the Pretzel. I’ve got tickets logged with Zwift and emailed maratona to see if this can be resolved…Even sent my game logs…Really want the kit though!

After about two miles all the other riders disappeared, I finished the ride as a lone rider. No other riders appeared in the list on the right of the screen. I got credit for finishing the ride and unlocked the kit but the orange achievement bar at the top of the screen did not register any of the miles ridden or bonus points.

Submitted a ticket.
Quick respons but no kit no gameresults…