Could not join the Haute Route at 7pm

I’m really unhappy. I spent all day looking forward to joining this ride and then it wouldn’t let me in. I’m now 35 minutes later to start it. It did not give me the option to join the ride at start up.
The connection time took forever and now riding aimlessly around watching others’ messages from the ride pop up.
I don’t know what to do. But I’m not starting cycling at 11pm before anyone suggests that. To top that it’s not recognising my HRM again.
Angry of Portsmouth

I got into the ride but booted off after 10k, and could not rejoin. Questioning the reliability of my internet today, but not sure what the issue is.
I suspect your hrm issue is more of an issue with your setup. If you are using Bluetooth via companion app I have found that restarting phone to terminate hung up Bluetooth connections fixes it.

I tried joining at 11am US CDT and again at 1pm. Both times, I joined and my USB connections dropped immediately. I think there were simply too many riders on the ride, several thousand each time. Some of it could have to do with Internet connections or Zwift servers, but the more likely culprit with so many individual rider sprites to track (i.e. avatars) is that the Apple TV client side couldn’t handle all the data and keep the power meter / trainer / HRM connections alive. Everything worked fine yesterday and for several days prior, including a 5.5 hour session this past Saturday to do the London PRL Full.

That’s just the way it goes for now. I’ll jump back on this evening for a ride, but I was looking forward to the big ride over the mountains.

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Same thin happened to me at the 2pm ET ride. Signed up, it said I was ‘joining’ and then never connected me. I ended up riding Three Sisters with a couple others who had similar stories. Completed Three Sisters but it never indicated I had completed it. Hoping I get credit for the independent Three Sisters ride so I can join the second and third stages tomorrow and Sunday with a chance to complete the challenge.

Hi, I’m back again. Got myself set up for the 5pm Sunday stage 3 ride. Had problems connecting HRM. Couldn’t connect to controller on front screen. But, was allowed to join race. Excellent! Or so I thought. Within a minute I had been kicked out and could not get back in, no matter what I tried. There was absolutely no way of rejoining. I’d signed up in advance. It reminded me to ride via a message. You would have thought that if they are sending you info about the ride there would be a way of rejoining, as I have done on other rides.
I’m really annoyed about this. I’d spent all day preparing for this ride. Nothing else left to to but enjoy a good ride on my bike.
I hope someone from Zwift reads this and comes back to me.
I’ve lost all my faith in Zwift.
Very unhappy of Portsmouth

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