Corrupt Fit File

Unable to pair Zwift on iOS to Wahoo Kickr Core.

I launch the app, tap my name, and the Zwift app begins to search for my Wahoo Kickr. Shortly after searching (anywhere between 2 seconds to as long as 10 seconds) the app crashes. My iPhone is up to date as is the Zwift app and the Firmware for my Wahoo Kickr Core.

The tricky thing here is that when I use another iPhone to try and ride, the exact same thing occurs.

From the Zwift main menu I can see a ‘Fit File’ that shows ‘inProgressActivity’ indicating the App thinks I’m already in the middle of a ride… hence why the app crashes; it can’t start a new ride if I’m right in the middle of one.

I’ve called Zwift and their team said they’d get back to me “eventually but I can’t promise it’ll be within even a week”.

Has anyone found a way to delete corrupt fit files? or have any idea how I can fix this issue?

No, but it’s just happened to me. Came down Ventoux, crossed the original start point, zwift crashes and I’m stuck with the activity in progress message. Have you made any progress yet?

The issue only gets more complex…

So after 8 hours of not being used Zwift works. I used it for one ride and then the issue starts again.

At the end of the ride I tried disconnecting Bluetooth before closing the Zwift application. I’ll repost if that works.