Correct level setting for CycleOps Mag trainer

(Wolfgang Korsch) #1


 I would like to know what the recommended level setting (1 to 5) for the CycleOps Mag trainer is. Originally I thought it’s L3 (level 3?) and now Zwift seems to recommend setting 5 when I go through the pairing procedure. Level 5 appears to be too high to give reasonable power values.

What do you suggest?



(Neville Jeans) #2

I agree - it seems to be significantly harder to generate the same ZWIFT calculated power levels with the new L5 configuration.

With the L3 setting I could comfortably spin at 150 to 200 watts for extended periods, efforts at 300 watts were not too much of a problem (apart from the required cadence), and I could briefly reach a max of about 450 (but the required cadence is a killer for my legs)

With the L5 setting the same perceived efforts only produce ZWIFT power levels of 100-120 watts, 200-250 watts, and I haven’t tried an all out effort

With the L3 setting my max power was limited by cadence so I was looking forward to the L5 - but something is seriously wrong and my enthusiasm for ZWIFT has taken a severe hit.

(Wolfgang Korsch) #3

Hi Neville,

 Thanks for the response. I agree completely with your observations. Typically I use L4 now since  the power values seem to be the closest to the sustainable (estimated) power I achieve on the road (based on HR and cadence). I am not sure how drag is taken into account.

When I do an FTP workout I won’t be able at all to reach  a (low) power level of e.g. 80 W at a cadence of 95 to 100 rpm on L5.  The power is always higher even when pedaling in the lowest gear.