Coros Integration

I would like my Zwift rides to automatically sync with Coros. Please and Thank You!

Hi Coros, any updates on this one? Coros has a really good dashboard app that we’d like to use but as of now none of our zwift rides make it in so a big portion of our data and fatigue is incorrect.


Yes, the same for me. I am having to import the data for my zwift ‘rides’ into the coros dashboard, even though my rides are TrainingPeaks which is synced to my dashboard, it is a bit 15 years ago!

Bringing this back alive, would be great to link our COROS account just the way we can with Garmin.


There’s definitely a need for a Coros integration. I can’t imagine it is something complex.

+1 we need it Yesterday.

Hey all - we are reaching out to the Zwift team and attempting to establish a connection to send Zwift workouts directly to COROS as it is a desire that we here at COROS also share. We will be sure to update our community when it is available!

  • Darian from COROS
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