Coronavirus Solidarity

I am one of the subscribers of your platform.
The containment period must have seen your number of subscribers increase sharply.
I imagine that, faced with this progression, you must also have invested in server and IT infrastructure.
However, despite these additional investments, your profit must have increased as strongly.
I therefore have a request to make to you which would allow you to demonstrate your solidarity with the populations badly impacted by this confinement which is global.
Could you during this confinement period either:

  • pay a% of the subscription or better … a sum per 1,000,000 kilometers made by all your subscribers (which would allow them to be involved) to organizations supporting or funding either medical research on the coronavirus or the system health itself (hospitals, retirement homes …)
  • reduce the cost of the subscription
    My preference going to the 1st proposal which would be a very nice gesture of solidarity.
    I await your response which deserves to be posted on social networks.

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