Copy intervals in customs workout

(Yves Poulette) #1

Once I have created a number of intervals (duration-repetitions), is there a way to copy it or i have to recreate it within the same workout.

(Bill Verdon) #2

You should be able to go under Documents\Zwift\Workouts and copy them and rename them…and edit it via the workout creator. 

(Michael Henasey) #3

workout builder is beta, remember.

like Bill said, you can manually edit the .wko files with any text editor and create new workouts based on your old workouts, etc.

I know its a pain (for now) but it will improve I believe. patience :slight_smile:


(Tim Schumm) #4

I think the ability to copy/paste sections inside the workout creator would be great!

(Abel Hanse) #5

I would really like to have this feature. Today I tried to put in a training like 3*(2*0:30-2*1:00-7:00) with one minute of rest between the efforts and three minutes between the sets in the custom workout builder. It would be easier if you only had to create one of these sets and could just copy it two times. Because now it really is a pain to make all the individual block again and again. Especially because you have to adjust the power and the duration for every single block.