Convert a "normal paid account to kid account"

Hey Folks, I was paying for account for my 12 year old (unaware that it was “free”) . I was wondering if the Zwift folks woudl help getting transitioned to a free account. Level 17 is hard to let go :slight_smile: Would be great . I have sent email via “contact us” but have not heard back. Its super hard to get them on the phone.


@Vijay_ChilledBeer welcome to Zwift forums
Yes, it is possible to convert your child’s paid account into a free account under our Kids Zwift Free program. Some more information about it, and the form you’ll need to fill out to comply with the COPPA privacy requirements are here:

Please fill out the COPPA form accurately and completely, as it is a legal consent form.

Two things that are especially vital for you do correctly when you’re converting an existing (paid) account to a free one: 1) let us know the email address associated with your child’s paid account and 2) the email address for the consenting parent / guardian must be a separate one.