Controllable trainer spins down and won't let me pedal

This happens to me every few days. while riding i switch gears to higher gears and feel the resistance, but then the smart trainer starts to rev up like im letting spin down hill and wont let me peddle until the spinning stops. I have updated the firmware on my cycleops trainer but keeps happening… Anyone else experienced this problem?

Hi @Robert_Attanasio welcome to Zwift forums

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Since you have a controllable trainer, I’d say this is a symptom of an unreliable signal between your trainer and your computer.

I looked at the partial log file uploaded to our server from your session on April 8. What I’m seeing is your ANT+ signal is poor throughout this part of your ride.

You can verify by uploading your log.txt file to It’s a third-party site that will analyze your log file for the quality of your computer, Bluetooth and ANT+ signals and so on. Here’s how to locate your log files.

Please follow these tips to improve your ANT+ (or Bluetooth) signal. This is something that needs to be fixed in the space where you train - reducing electric interference in that room by turning off a fan or fluorescent lighting can make a big improvement.

thank you i’ll look into it…