Control smart trainer's resistance with external power meter - important for Workout Mode

(Clifford) #121

I agree, and I have been doing that, but it’s not the same thing. It just ups the intensity, but it doesn’t adjust the watts it is reporting, which is the key thing. My Kickr is WAY over reading despite my best efforts to calibrate it. I need to tone down the watts it is reporting.

It works fine in general riding where I can use my P2Max as the power source, but that doesn’t work in workout mode.

I am thinking that perhaps I should switch to TrainerRoad they apparently do this quite well, although I like the interactivity of Zwift.

(Peter Schindler MGCC) #122

Hey everyone, FWIW, Xert lets you do trainer control for workouts with an overlay on Zwift. Need android or Garmin with connect IQ to get it workingh.

(Ben Conradi (BCC)) #123

Clifford, granted but it at least gives you the option to adjust mid-workout so that your PM figures (via a GPS or other platform) reported are at least on target, even if what Zwift is showing isn’t accurate.

(Clifford) #124

Yup, it does. That’s why I use my Garmin to record the ride as well for my TrainingPeaks/WKO4 training management.

Would prefer to have Zwift report the power correctly so I can avoid the faff. They have to do that if they want their platform to be taken seriously for structured training …

(Michael L) #125

@Peter: Any pointers on how to get  “XERT overlay on Zwift” working?


@Zwift: to second all the others here:

Workout mode without correct power reading does not make sense for a structured training, so TrainerRoad it is for me… however, I have Zwift running in parallel for visual diversion.

Also let me remark, having power matching on your roadmap since 2015 and not being able to implemented that feature for 1.5 years inspite of all the customer requests is not the greatest of achievements… does not seem to be rocket science to me to use reading from the powermeters for ajusting the resistance instead of readings from the trainer…

(A Simashin (B)) #126

Spring already here…

I hope they`ll make it till next winter…

(Peter Schindler MGCC) #127

@Michael L – what I am describing with Xert is similar to what you are doing with trainer road.

The way I do it is as follows:

Zwift on my mac

Xert on my android, with xert remote player on the mac (in browser)

Manually overlay xert browser windows on bottom left side of zwift screen.

Bluetooth connection between P1 pedals, kickr and xert (with trainer control)

Ant+ connection between P1 pedals and zwift (cadence and speed, but not smart trainer)



(Richard Pirro) #128

So we’re still waiting on this. But hey, at least it rains on Watopia now…

(Liam) #129

New update this AM but no sign of this yet.
Especially important for me as Stages gives me on average 15W more power than my Neo for same effort!!


(Paul Holmgren KCK) #130 

I think we have to live with this.
Zwift is a entertainment program/app not an accurate simulator.


(Thomas LK) #131

@ Liam Hudson

Have you tried a better lubrication of your chain? Maybe the difference will decrease to 5 W… :wink:

Seriously: There will be always a difference if the measurement will be done with two different devices and even more if the point of measurement is just on the beginning of power transmission (your foot) or at the end…

NEO: Tolerance 2%

Chain: 2%-8%

(Graham Berks) #132

Yeah this is becoming a bit of a problem. Kickr firmware seems to change behaviour and becoming more unreliable.

In the latter half it’s over by about 8% - not great when you are trying todo sweetspot intervals.

Really need power match otherwise can’t really use workout mode as a serious training tool.

(Michael Gonzales) #133

wow, this seems like a basic feature.  Thank you for the trial period so I could figure out that the workout mode isn’t currently intended for serious training.  I thought I was going to drop TR, but looks like TR is still the answer for real training.  I’ll hold off on subscribing until this is added as the gaming aspect was just a bonus to me, certainly not the focus.

(Sunil Savkar WBR (C)) #134

Just to clarify one thing, if you have a KICKR another reader pointed me to how through the Wahoo Fitness app you can actually have the KICKR read from another power meter to provide close to accurate information consistent with what I am reading directly from the power meter directly with my Garmin.

Doing this, I have been able to get Zwift extremely close - the difference I believe may simply be because Zwift and KICKR smooth over a smaller sampling range than my Garmin.  Think this does work if people want to try t it out.

Not perfect, still better if Zwift fixed things up so that the separate power meter could be used, but still viable and what I am doing now for my trainings.

(Clifford) #135

Except, Sunil, you then cannot use erg mode for workouts, which is exactly when you need it …

(Liam) #136

Clifford, actually I think that does work as Zwift is none the wiser (it thinks it’s all KICKR stats). Unfortunately I’m a TACX NEO owner :slight_smile:


(Tom DeMay) #137


You can use ERG mode with the configuration Sunil is talking about. I set it up last night and it worked. 

Using the Wahoo companion app you just need to do the following:

  • Slide ON the “Control w/ ANT+ Power Meter” toggle
  • Input the ANT+ Power Device ID (a 5 digit number that Zwift will display on the pairing screen)

Then, run a workout in ERG mode. Voila - the power data is coming from your power meter.

I did an ERG workout last night this way and the data on Zwift more or less matched the power data my Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt was receiving from my Power2Max meter. I did notice the Bolt power jumped around the ERG number a bit — I think I have that field set as 1s power and the Kickr Snap or Zwift must be smoothing it a bit — but it was always right around that number.

(Clifford) #138

Interesting … when I was running with my P2Max as the power source I thought Zwift wouldn’t let me use erg mode when doing one of their workouts … doesn’t matter for me anymore anyway - I found an even better way to do it - I use TrainerRoad and Zwift simultaneously. TrainerRoad controls the kickr using the power data coming from my PM, and I run Zwift to keep my mind off the suffering. Works great and TrainerRoad’s workouts are better than what Zwift has to offer. Only thing to remember is you need 2 ant+ dongles to do that (although you might also get away with having TrainerRoad rebroadcast your power data on Bluetooth.

(Michael Gonzales) #139

Thanks Clifford, that sounds like a solution I can get on board with… I like the idea of having TR’s focused trainning feature set and Zwift’s entertainment value to balance out the sessions.  I already have 2 ant+ dongles, so i’ll run trainer road on my laptop and zwift on my desktop.  Seems a little convoluted, but in practice it appears to be the easiest way to get real training on Zwift.

I’ve decided to go ahead and start a subscription to Zwift.  I’ll try this set up for the first month and see how it works out.  

I would still like to see Zwift get more serious with the workout mode and make it a one stop shop… all in due time.  

(Peter Schindler MGCC) #140

Michael – check out Xert as an alternative to Trainer Road. You can overlay it in the same way, and it’s a lot cooler than trainer road.