Control smart trainer's resistance with external power meter - important for Workout Mode

(Stuart Leader) #81

Another one here thats holding off any further investment in Zwift until (if ever) there’s a solution. What’s the point in training with a power meter if I can’t even use it for structured workouts on the turbo? Lame.

(A Simashin (B)) #82

85 votes already.

This feature request is marked as planned, has the 1st place by comments, and for now is in top5 by votes - do not know what zwift else need to develope it.

P.S. did the Gorby today, without ERG it was really sucks

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #83

Hi everyone,

Our lead developer has been chatting with smart trainer companies about possible solutions for ZWIFT (which is not very much like TrainerRoad or PerfPro and transmits a significant amount more data back and forth than either program). The previous attempt featured significant lag and, since smart trainers and power meters report different power levels, oftentimes led to some very wonky rides.

He believes he knows how to solve it but it requires a lot of testing and doesn’t seem easy. He is hoping sometime “this winter” if he can get uninterrupted time to tackle the issue.

(Nick Oswald) #84

Thanks Eric for the response and for especially detailing why this has been difficult for the team! If you need a beta tester for this feature sign me up!

(A Simashin (B)) #85

Thanks Eric.

You just need somebody with mathematical background and knowledge of “Control theory” with practice in self-oscillation problems.

(Emil) #86

Any news on this?
While I enjoy Zwift, I’m considering going back to TrainerRoad for greater consistency when doing structured workouts. Right now I frequently end up pushing up towards an extra 30W on some intervals with my Kickr (firmware updated, spindown calibration done) measured with my Power2Max.


(A Simashin (B)) #87

From Eric answer it seems that we will have it only next winter. Maybe

(Brede Arntzen) #88

Until the ERG mode is fixed Zwift is just a toy!
I use PerfPro on a really old laptop controlling the training perfectly. Sometimes I run Zwift in parallel just to have something to look at while training.

(Marco Soldano) #89

This needs to happen asap. As many I had found a significant discrepancy between KICKR power and both Quark and Stages power meter. This is the Jon’s short mix, Blue is the KICKR, green is the quarq. The result in TrainingPeaks is  a TSS of 52 and 35 respectively, not the same thing…

(A Simashin (B)) #90

Marco, hmm, that is why people loves KICKR in Zwift ). My FTP on Bushido is 290W, FTP on powermeter 335W. :smiley:

(A Simashin (B)) #91

By the way here is strava activities of yesterday ride

First one is Bushido

Second - 4iiii powermeter

I am on rest now and that is the low intensity ride, if i`ll push over 500W the difference will be more and more, not saying about 1000W+ sprints…

(A Simashin (B)) #92

Here is graphical power compare of these two activities

(Greg) #93

Another +1 for this

(Ben Conradi (BCC)) #94

+1 for this please! :slight_smile:

(Joachim Trost) #95

I will cancel my membership until this feature is implemented. 


(Steve Wood (B)) #96

I will +1 for this feature too.

For those with Kickrs, using Powermeter as Power source and Kickr as “Controllable Trainer” - have you also set in your Wahoo fitness app to allow control? does that setting in the app conflict with Zwift at all? (I don’t use the app during a Zwift workout, but the setting would be saved by the trainer)

(Arturo G. Artur) #97

+1 Bkool power data are not acceptable :slight_smile:

(Artak Sukhudyan WBR (B)) #98

I am switching to TrainnerRoad just because of this ! It is enough to wait for this from Zwift !!! Zwift is a good toy but not a serious approach for workouts with external PM in ERG mode. Ping me once you implement this, and I will probably reconsider to run Zwift in parallel for kids to have fun :slight_smile:

(Anna Levine) #99

Please, please make this work.  My Kickr Snap is terribly inaccurate, and I have 2 powertap wheels, so using a different trainer or different power source would be prohibitively expensive.   

Can we at least get an update with some kind of timeframe for this ticket?

Love Zwift, not going anywhere, but this would make it even that much better.

(A rider) #100

Hey at least Zwift pushed out lava colors!