Control smart trainer's resistance with external power meter - important for Workout Mode

(Fernando Jimenez 5656) #41

Hi Aleksandr

Just my 2c. TR can indeed control resistance based on PM power, but their solution is really not very good. It only adjusts resistance once every 10s, and I could never get it to match target power. On the other hand, I’ve used PerfPro and that works perfectly. The GUI is very clunky, but the software really works.

No reason you can’t have the PerfPro stuff on top of Zwift, but you will need two Ant+ dongles

(A Simashin (B)) #42

@_ Fernando Jimenez - _ Thanks!!! Ill try it, seems that theyve got only 14 days trial and after that we had to pay 100$  O_O . 

I wish zwift analyse this problem faster ). And make some prediction - will they do this or not, and if they will - maybe some approximative date of release - this will be great opportunity for us - so we can plan how to train )

(Philip Morel) #43

Definitively needed! Cannot do a serious with Zwift without that feature…

(Fernando Jimenez 5656) #44

I was on your boat not long ago, hoping that Zwift would at least indicate commitment to this. But nothing is forthcoming.

PerfPro is $100, but it’s a one time only fee. A riding buddy has been using it for a couple years already with his Kickr, and is still very happy with it. 

You also get a one month try out period with TR, so feel free to give it a go. I gave up when it was clear their software does not work properly with the Vortex

(Ricardo Cardoso) #45

+1 here. Bought powertap p1 and does make sense to use it on the turbo and on the road for consistency. Was surprised when realized i could not have erg.

Luckily my bushido and p1 only have 2watts average difference in 1h session, but i can see that for the first few minutes it shows 20w less than the P1s!

please support this feature.

(William Fazackerley) #46


Just saw these emails in my inbox. Try PerfPro, it simply works. I had problems with TR and power match too. However, although the UI IS a bit clunky on PerfPro, it’s for training, and it does work very well.

It’s worth the $100 if you are using it regularly; I wasted that much in time alone trying to get TR to work.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #47

The commitment is that we want to get this done. We have mentioned this and it hasn’t changed since then :slight_smile:

Time frame? When we can figure out how to do it properly.

If I give an approximate date and it doesn’t work out or other things jump in front then everybody gets mad. If I don’t give a date, everybody gets mad.

Darned if you do, darned if you don’t!

(Jerry) #48

Yes please implement this ASAP

(Mario Kulero) #49

Miy KICKR has an offset around 10W to my Stages PM. Makes the WO in ERG-Mode useless…

(Stewart ) #50

Mario, just put your FTP up by 10W to accommodate this when doing ERG mode.

Don’t worry about the stars if that causes you to miss out on some.

(Fernando Jimenez 5656) #51

If you are lucky enough to have a constant offset of 10W, just adjust your FTP as above

If like me the offset isn’t constant, but it varies according to power, you are screwed :frowning:

(Mark Ponikvar) #52

This is so needed to do correct workouts based on power.  Please implement this soon, or I’ll be yet another person who cancels their subscription and go to trainer road or perfpro.

(Jonathan Neve) #53

As above. I’m on Tacx Vortex and the power I get off that compared to Garmin Vector’s is ~10W less at 200W and ~30W more at 300W.


This fix is desperately needed…

(Paul Holmgren KCK) #54

Let’s get realistic. 

They are not going to fix this. 

Zwift team are not interested in this. 

There focus is graphics and creating more fantastic views to look at. 

(Mark Ponikvar) #55

I certainly hope that is not true… come on Zwift, prove Paul wrong and provide this capability :slight_smile:


I’d be happy to beta-test!

(Stewart ) #56

The Kickr should follow the power curve of a pm so he should be fine adjusting by 10W.

I like the workout module and use it with my Computrainer but often use TR or PerfPro for my ERG ones as well because I like the way you have more adjustability with them on the fly.

Zwift offers so much more than the rest though for me so it looks like I will keep all three going.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #57

Yes, let’s be realistic. Shockingly, this is a bit more difficult to implement than it may seem! But just because something is difficult doesn’t mean we won’t be doing it.

Maybe it’s because we’re masochists but mostly it’s because we know people want the feature and we think it’s a pretty good thing to have.

When will it happen? When it’s done and tested :slight_smile:

(Mark Ponikvar) #58

Thanks Eric, I certainly appreciate hearing that it is being worked on :slight_smile:

(Fernando Jimenez 5656) #59

Lets be fair here. Zwift doesn’t have to “fix” anything. The problem is with these trainers that try to sell us a “power meter” when in fact they produce utter garbage.

Zwift can implement a workaround though, as some other software solutions are done. They’ll implement it if, as and when they are able to. In the meantime, there’s no need to throw a tantrum.

If Zwift doesn’t work for you, it’s time to go somewhere else. I for one already have, but will try out Zwift again if they choose to implement this workaround.

To Eric. Thanks for the update. We all like Zwift here, just trying to point out that as a tool for structured workouts it doesn’t work very well with a lot of trainers that spew out rubbish power numbers. I hope you guys find the way to make it work!



(A rider) #60

I have used CycleOps (CVT), TrainerRoad, PerfPro, and Zwift a LOT.

The wattage output of my Wahoo Kickr Snap is the same in all programs with VERY LITTLE variation.

In addition, I have also “cross-calibrated” the Wahoo Snap with Powertap P1 pedals and the difference in watts was insignificant.

So FJ I don’t agree with your comment at all that the trainers are putting out garbage. And honestly each of the programs listed above have issues and idiosyncrasies. TrainerRoad can’t get the input lag correct on short watt bursts, when CVT controls the SNAP it feels as if you are riding through cement and wet sand put together - the “road feel” is horrid. I could go on about the issues.

For me, Zwift is the best solution because I can turn off the software control of the trainer and manage my watts by my cadence and gearing. It works very well, gives me a consistent ride feel, and yes, it has taken a few rides on the road to transition over to real life.

So many people have PC hardware that is absolute garbage and their understanding of how to setup Zwift is infantile. I had several issues with Windows 10 and bluetooth/ant+ initially and it took a LONG time to sort those issues out. But with Windows 10 updates, firmware updates, properly functioning adapters, and some common sense all is working well.

Any way, there are a lot of moving parts with this whole online riding world that is starting up. I like Zwift, but am blown away at some of the “easy” changes they could make to satisfy the users that just don’t seem to be addressed. Oh well…