Control smart trainer's resistance with external power meter - important for Workout Mode

(Rick Woods X (CVR)) #21

I still think it is best to use simple mode and use your Power Meter. Then you control or hit the wattage numbers for each interval .  

(Stewart ) #22

TR doesn’t work well for me with using my pm watts. There is a huge lag and it just skews the figures too much to be of any great use. Luckily my Computrainer gives accurate figures so I just use it and the lap function on my Garmin to check they are correct.

(Brandon Amos) #23

I disagree with your post Rick.  You’re missing the hole point of having a smart trainer.  I don’t want to have to adjust gearing or cadence to hold the watts required to complete certain intervals.

I wish Zwift wouldn’t waste time designing an implementing worthless things like Santa’s sleigh and building signs.

Huge numbers of people use Trainer Road and similar products which implement this feature.  If Zwift are to steal customers from these sites they need to offer the same basic features.

(Fernando Jimenez 5656) #24

+1 what Brandon said

I had a “dumb” trainer until recently (Kurt Kinetic, great piece of kit but dumb). I’m not a robot and often when the machine told me to hold 200w I was doing just a bit over because I was feeling good, only to backfire on the fourth/fifth interval

With a smart trainer and erg mode, if the thing says 200w I can try to push harder (spin faster, change gears) and it will adjust the resistance back to 200w. Likewise it won’t let me go easy on an interval because I get distracted, or lazy, or “tired”. It’s 200w or give up

Now that I have a trainer with erg mode, I’m not going back

(Philip) #25

There are lots of features people want that you would have expected to be introduced once the “beta” finished like:

  • An actual lobby to meet for group rides\races
  • The ability to create group rides\races and choose the structure of them
  • Power Meter control of the resistance trainers
  • A proper friends system
  • Proper leader boards
  • Ability to choose course

Lots of people want these things and its not unreasonable to think they are basic requirements for a game like Zwift but have been promised but will probably never materialise.

Instead we get stupid graphic upgrades which don’t benefit anybody at all like Santa mentioned above and I suspect some for of Christmas bike or clothing over the festive period.

(Fernando Jimenez 5656) #26

Whoah! chill Philip :slight_smile:

To be fair to the Zwift guys, the peeps developing these types of features are not the same as the graphic designers putting out santa costumes (or Halloween, or whatever) for us to see. Plus, those silly costumes are really not that much work and it gets Zwift mentioned in the various cycling related sites. So I can perfectly see why they’d do it, and it’s not incompatible with releasing further features.

Those “stupid” upgrades may not be so stupid for other people. As far as I’m concerned, all those features you list that “lots of people want” are stupid to me, except the Power Meter control of trainers. And by “stupid” I mean way less important than being able to do structured workouts with accurate power. The rest is just “nice” to have on my list, but this one goes into the “must have” category.

(Philip) #27

I’m also personally not interested in most of the stuff in my list but these are things that have been promised and are frequently requested by others.  I have no real interest in the “social” side of Zwift as I just want to ride hard and I use the mileage and the virtual world as something to look at and I personally feel that without this feature being implemented I can’t consider using the intervals which is a shame.

It would be quite simple to implement some of the things on the list and Zwift should be honest and say they have no interest in implementing people ideas if that is the case rather than saying its in the road map and never getting implemented.

(A rider) #28

Phillip I quite agree with your list and your overall comment about focus and feature improvement. And sometimes I get the idea that they have a very limited development budget/team and that this will be half-baked for a long time. However, I like Zwift best of all the other virtual training programs out there.

I thought the trainerroad update in November would have been much better than it was,

Cycleops makes me sick when riding at a different pace than what the videos are taken at.

And well the others are just rubbish right now. So even after the Strava Premium bonus days, I will probably stick with Zwift. Sigh… It is like the EA Sports/DICE Battlfield series, released with a crap ton of bugs and poor development but it grows on you like moss.

I do hate empty promises, but at least they are on the forums sometimes. And they do answer questions.


But those stupid costumes really are irritating - we are not 13 year old kids.

(Trevor Fine) #29

Weird this worked for me Sunday!  Seems like the little update Monday the 21st killed this feature.  Please add it back ASAP!!  I hate dual logging my rides via Garmin & Zwift.

(Paul Holmgren KCK) #30

I’m too missing this feature. This forces me to drop Zwift and use TrainerRoad instead. There solution is not the best but at least it gives me structured training with ERG mode and power from my power meter 

(William Fazackerley) #31


I’d like support for this feature too. 

On that note has anyone found anything that does this OTHER than PerfPro and TrainerRoad? I was using Trainerroad but found it wholly unreliable and they just could not work out why my resistance was ramping right up during a 100w warm up block, to the point that I cancelled my subscription. PerfPro is excellent and works well but almost has too many features. Anyone know of anything else, whilst we wait for Zwift to introduce it?


(Brandon Amos) #32


I’m not sure how appropriate it would be for others to announce competitor products that do the feature you want that Zwift do not provide.

(Paul Holmgren KCK) #33

The community support manager told me this is on the todo list but its not having a priority. So I dropped my Zwift subscription and using TrainerRoad instead. 

I’m satisfied with their solution including the 10sec delay.

But I will return to Zwift when its solved in workout mode. 

(William Fazackerley) #34

I appreciate that Brandon but as others have mentioned it being ‘like’ certain other products I was merely enquiring as to any others people have used. I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t interested in using it with Zwift but as they don’t offer it, we may as well find something to use in the mean time… a serious development team could bring this feature to beta in a couple of weeks but instead it’s been 4/5 months and no sign of it…

(Fernando Jimenez 5656) #35


TR and PerfPro are the only two software solutions that control resistance using a power meter that I know off.

PerfPro has a ton of features, and the GUI really really sucks (sorry Drew), but the software works, has never crashed on me, and it’s a one time $100 fee which gets my thumbs up.

TR is also great. It has crashed on me occasionally, but can restart the workout and continue where it left off. The included training plans are great, but I’m not so keen on the $12 per month fee.

As for Zwift, I’ve now cancelled my subscription as without this feature it’s of no use to me. Trialled PerfPro which is good, but it’s looking like this winter I’ll stick to TR.

@Zwift, you will get another lookin’ next season now, but I can already say that if this feature is not implemented, I (and my $$$) will be going elsewhere





(William Fazackerley) #36

Thanks FJ, appreciate your reply. I am impressed with PerfPro but agreed the interface is less refined than TR. I just couldn’t get TR to work for me, again all sorts of problems, and as PerfPro works I think I’ll shell out for it. It’s a relatively minimal one off cost, compared to TR which is more expensive if you pay monthly once you add up the cost per year…

I can’t really believe there aren’t more bits of software which offer it, it’s really remarkable given the recent boom in smart trainers and power meters.

Ah well, I’m happy with PerfPro.

(VSCC Damien Sweeney) #37

Hi guys,

+1 for this!

I use Sufferfest and TrainerRoad as well as Zwift as I like to mix it up.

If you could implement Powermatch or something similar so I can use ERG with my stages for consistency indoors and out that would be awesome.

Would like to use Zwift with some Sufferfest ZWO’s but have gotten used to the TrainerRoad ERG squeezing the life out of me and don’t always hit the full intensity for each intervals…


(B RokenPelvisRehab) #38

Have to admit, this would be really, really nice – even if only in beta. :slight_smile:

(A Simashin (B)) #39

+1 here. My Tacx Bushido Smart shows ~20-30W less than powermeter

(A Simashin (B)) #40

Moreover real powermeter seems more sensitive than trainer!

For now I am still riding with my trainer power… Because I really like ERG mode on workouts. I thought about riding on zwift and events with powermeter and workouts with trainer(for ERG) as a powersource, but this will be hard - you need every time to change your FTP and always thinking about 2 power curves and of course your strava will go mad if 1 ride would be with 250 FTP and next with 280 and then again 250…

Saw some people write that trainerroad could do workouts in ERG, but use your powermeter as powersource - need to try it. 

I think it will be the best way for now to tide on zwift with powermeter and do workouts in TR also with powermeter. I wish TR has trial period