Control smart trainer's resistance with external power meter - important for Workout Mode

(Stewart ) #221

Clifford, that is similar to my experience on Zwift with my Neo but using a pm as the power source. See the pictures above.
Also a similar 30s interval set.

(Clifford) #222

Stewart, I see that. Looks ok? I’m not unhappy with TR - it doesn’t have to be perfect to have the training effect. TR seems to be able to settle things down within a few seconds. I do however find that if I just use the Kickr as both power source and controllable trainer the two lines track pretty much perfectly … now if only my Kickr wasn’t 10 - 20% optimistic on its power readings!


(Jim) #223

TrainerRoad is a little better than Zwift, which is impressive, since it knows nothing about cadence targets.



(Brian Dixon) #224

While not mentioned in the release notes, I think some improvements were made to the ERG algorithm in the latest release. It is especially apparent when doing short intervals.

I was doing my normal 40/20 workout tonight it nearly ripped my legs off! The “old” ERG mode would undershoot for 15 seconds and gradually adjust. The “new” mode tends to overshoot but adjusts ALOT quicker. The resulting 40 second interval is alot closet to target.