Continuing and new issues, June 10th, macOS, 1.41

Scrolling still doesn’t work in the Custom Workout page: In the list of Custom Workouts, scrolling does not work, yet in the list of workouts after the custom workouts, scrolling works fine. So odd… It doesn’t zip to the bottom as it did before, so it’s coming along back to normal.

In the ‘leaderboard’ window, the list suddenly zooms me to the top, and I can’t see people that have passed me, yet, like last night, I did the ‘LAX Loop’, and it reset the list to operate normally.

And in Companion, riders were appearing and disappearing on the route. Not just one rider dot either. 2, 3, 4 at a time. Not a big deal, but seems like new behavior.

I haven’t tried editing a custom workout yet as it’s been so difficult to do in the past. I found that editing workouts manually can also cause interesting issues.

Tacx New ride feel turned itself on too, once.

It has gotten better, but there are still some issues that worked perfectly before, and seem to linger. Thanks for the work so far… Ride on!