Contact us form broken

Attempting to report a different problem, I just typed a lengthy problem description, and submitted the form. It said “error submitting form”, and poof, everything I had typed was gone. Hitting “back” was no help. That’s really bad. Please be more considerate in your form processing logic, and at least return the user to a form with the already typed content. This was consistent in several attempts, using internet explorer.

Could be an issue with IE so my first suggestion would be to try another browser (Chrome, FireFox, Safari…)

So Zwift should not provide adequate support for all current browsers? I just realized I had the same problem (and reported it) five months ago. Is user experience really so unimportant?

What I mean is that it could be an issue with your IE and not an issue with IE specifically.

You may need to clear the cache or if possible reset it entirely.

I ran into this issue back in December. Since then, I have a new laptop (at work, where IE is the only allowed browser), and run into the same problem. Submission of a simple feedback form should not rely on browser-technical issues - it should just work, there’s no good reason for it not to.

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If this is a work computer you are using there could be settings that are causing the issue (pushed out from your IT using Group Policy/Active Directory).

Can you try using a computer that is not owned by your company and see if you still have the issue?

Or just submit a ticket, or ask your question in this forum.

You can submit a ticket directly to support by e mailing