Consumable Distance

hope there’ll be a consumable distance subscription for some zwift user like me. i’m addicted to zwift way back 2018 i guess but work gets on my way. it’s a pain in the ass to subscribe for a whole month when i can only zwift for about 10 days month and consuming less than a 500km distance. it would be nice to subscribe for consumable distance than for a whole month. the distance would be more flexible for someone like me with a limited time.

I’d say 10 days and 500km is a fair chunk.

I think you’re getting value for money on your monthly subscription to be honest.


It would certainly be interesting to see a distribution curve showing how many days per month subscribers use the platform. I’d also say it would vary - a lot - by season. Ten days per month seems, to me, to be well into “regular” usage so the current subscription model would be the “proper” value.

$1.50 per ride, not too bad.

My guess would be that you’re at the higher end of what most people will do so introducing this would probably increase what you pay. If zwift say the mean/median distance cycled each month is where the current price would sit and either side of that would be lower or higher.