Connection Zwift tot Wahoo KICKT

The resistance isn’t controllable in Zwift. It looks like the connection between my bluetooth devices running Zwift and my KICKR isn’t stable.

When using the bike, cadance en wattage are working fine. It looks like there aren’t even any spikes. However the connection of the resistance is poorly. When using the ERG mode the resistance isn’t automatically changing or it can take a while before it does (sometimes even 5 minutes). However the resistance is controllable when I am using the Wahoo app. The problem only occurs when working in Zwift.

Does anyone have tip to solve this problem?

Does it work better if you temporarily remove the Wahoo app? That could be grabbing the connection and interfering. Would be good to eliminate that possibility.

Hi Steve,

Sadly it didn’t work, however I bought an ANT+ and now my connection is great.
Thanks for your support.

Kind regards

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