Connection Problems - Bluetooth + Mobile App + Too Many Users

 Hello Zwift Dev Team and Fellow Zwifters,

I seem to be having issues with my setup. I’m running a Cyclops PowerBeam Pro Bluetooth trainer connected to Zwift through my phone (Mobile App), while using my PC to run the game. Usually I don’t have too many problems with this setup, but lately I’ve been noticing a lot of connection problems when the number of people Zwifting is high (4000+). Notably, my connection on the Mobile App drops out causing my trainer connection to drop out and bringing an early end to my work out. Is any one else experiencing similar problems?

I have a solid internet connection (21 MB/S). I’ve noticed that the issue gets worse when there are more people logged in. I’m starting to wonder if this is a Zwift server capacity issue. If I understand the Zwift architecture, my setup requires two seperate connections to those servers to operate and losing either connection terminates the ride.

If this is the case, then my problems will only get worse as Zwift gains popularity. I love Zwift, but I fear my current strategy of trying to time my rides when the Zwift servers are less busy will only be a temporary solution.

Possible Solutions:

  • Add more Server Capacity

  • Add the option to the PC desktop app to connect directly to the trainer via Bluetooth. (Eliminate the need for two simultaneous server connections).

  • I buy a Ant+ Trainer and Dongle? (Not really looking to invest in a new setup right now).


Many of us are having issues with ZML dropping out of game mode when Zwifting. I would suggest connecting to Zwift with ANT+. Seems much more reliable.

Unfortunately for me, my trainer is Bluetooth only. I appreciate the feedback though. If I decide to upgrade my setup, I’ll definitely be going with a trainer that connects via Ant+.

Same problem here, as soon as it goes over 3500 users,  I lose my mobile app, or ant+ connection. With more money coming they need more capacity or people will leave. It’s really frustrating after an hour effort to loose it all.