Connection loss bluetooth and stages

Since the last update, the signal of power and cadence is broken for a second. This happens about two times a minute.
Connected the powermeter with the stage app there are no Blackouts!

Zwift runs on a ipad pro!

Hi Markus - we haven’t had other reports of this, so we’ll need to collect your log files so we can have QA investigate further.  I’m going to create a support ticket out of this post so we can help solve this frustrating problem.  Keep an eye on your email, instructions on how to send us the log files will be coming shortly. 

Hi Crystal, I had this problem the last couple of days, would you also like to have my logs? contact me through email if yes.

Ciao Crystal my problem on Stages PM is the same as Markus ,the very strange is this appear only on structured Zwift workout ,if i ride for free everithings work good