Connection issues with Tacx T2240 Flow

I have been using my Tacx Flow T2240 Smart Trainer with a ANT+ dongle on my 2017 MBP because my HRM and cadence sensors are ANT+ and it has worked fine. Today I got the AppleTV invite so I tried to set it up using BTLE and although it sees the device when I select power it says a 0 watts and continues searching…

I tried Zwift on iOS and that works fine so I then decided to try on my MBP and it doesn’t even see the trainer when just using bluetooth, so I switched to tell it to use the bluetooth via the mobile link and then it sees the trainer.

Any idea why my MBP isn’t seeing the trainer when using built in bluetooth even though it is the latest model so definitely has BTLE, and even more why the AppleTV app sees the device but doesn’t get any readings from it?

I’m an idiot, just need to press the play button on the apple remote, I was waiting for an OK button to appear :rofl:

Still don’t understand why my MBP won’t see it