Connection issues with Pixel 5

I’ve been unable to reliably connect my Tacx Flow Smart trainer to my Pixel 5 in the Zwift app. My support ticket with a Zwift Ambassador ended without actually resolving my issue. Location and Nearby Device permissions are enabled for Zwift, I have reinstalled the app and restarted both the trainer and the Pixel 5.

The issue is that Power Source and Cadence will see the trainer and connect, but quickly give “No Signal” errors, and Controllable will not see the trainer at all.

I am able to successfully pair the phone and the trainer with the Tacx Training App, and I was able to successfully use Zwift on my partner’s iPhone to pair the trainer to to that device. All of that leads me to believe that the issue is somewhere in the Zwift app on my phone.

Is there something obvious that I’m missing? Something less obvious? Zwift previously worked on my device, and as far as I know I haven’t changed anything (though obviously something has changed). Really hoping there’s a solution that will make me smack myself in the head.

Don’t pair the trainer to the phone via the Bluetooth settings. If it is paired there, unpair it. Zwift does its own internal pairing.

I would also counsel to ensure the trainer is “forgotten” everywhere else - all other apps and devices.

FWIW, my friend has a Tacx Flow Smart and I have a Pixel 5. Next time I’m over there, I’ll try to replicate the issue.

For more connectivity troubleshooting ideas, see this thread:

Thanks! Yeah, I went through that thread and made sure /not/ to connect to the Trainer in the Bluetooth settings, unfortunately it didn’t change the outcome. I’ve also made sure to disconnect/forget (whatever the option is) in other apps.

I’ll be super interested to see if you have the same issues. If not, then I’m likely doing something that I’m unaware of and I’ll feel like a fool when I figure it out!

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Regrets for the delayed reply Paul - I only got to my friend’s place today.

Tested my Pixel 5 with friend’s Tacx Flow Smart and had no issues pairing via BLE.

I would suggest there is likely another app or device attempting to connect to your trainer. Unpair it everywhere, on every device and app. (watch, smartphone, PC, tablet etc) Ensure it’s not paired in the phone’s Bluetooth settings - let Zwift find it on its own.