Connection Failure Whilst Riding


Just managed to complete stage 5 of of TDZ first attempt.

Ordered my Ant+ on Saturday and it came today, popped it in to my usb adapter for my Macbook, connection came up right away and no issues at all during the ride, allowing me to focus and really push on without having that dreaded feeling of connection failure.

Loved stage 5 even though there was a few nasty hills in there.

Thank you all for your help, here’s hoping I have no more issues going forward.

Hope you don’t mind if I add my tuppence?

Until my new turbo arrived, I’ve been riding on Zwift with an HP laptop connected to an Elite NovoSmart, wheel on turbo trainer. I’m pretty sure I’ve made the connection via an ANT+ dongle on a metre long USB extension cable,rather than USB, but both are switched on. I’ve never had a ‘connection failure’ until Stage 4 of this year’s Tour de Zwift.

Thinking my turbo was gasping it’s last, and wanting to treat myself after a long illness, I took receipt of a shiny new Zwift Hub, direct drive turbo at the weekend. Last night I set out to fight for my usual Lantern Rouge spot on the Tour’s Stage 5 but even before I’d started, I was getting connection failure errors and my avatar was doing some sort of strike action in the middle of the road. The rest of the ride was a lesson in frustration and sheer pig headedness as I refused to give up even though I was slowing to a halt every couple of minutes and rather hilariously my turbo got out of sync with Zwift. Ahh, the joys of grinding down a 14% descent.

What I did eventually spot was that my ANT+ wasn’t functioning and I think the turbo was attempting to connect solely through my laptop’s bluetooth. When I looked at my ANT+ dongle, I quickly saw that due to unfortunate positioning on my garage floor, it had turned into a sweaty blob of brown rusty bleurgh. I’ve ordered a new dongle and extension cable, and while I’m waiting for it to arrive, I’ll have time to fashion some sort of umbrella for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers to Christian and everyone on this thread. Here’s hoping that everything works fine on my next ride!

Craig xx

You’re welcome

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