Connection Failure only with Treadmill

I’m having a lot of Bluetooth problems with my Domyos T900D treadmill
The treadmill is new and was purchased in September / 2023

Side by side with the treadmill I have an Elite Direto X and a Smart Sterzo that works 100% and without any Bluetooth problems since February / 2022
Although they are side by side, they are never connected at the same time.

Zwift is installed on a Windows 11 PC with built-in Bluetooth.
The distance from the treadmill to the computer is 1.6 meters +/-
The distance between the Elite Direto X and the computer is 3.0 m +/-
The computer is mounted on the wall behind the TV and connected via HDMI to TV

Any ideas about what is causing the issue?
Problems with the treadmill?

Some examples attached: