Connection failure kickr bike

Irreparable connection failures while in event. Using Zwift on laptop connected by Bluetooth with kickr bike. Cannot correct connection failures .= cannot complete events.

Have you been using this config successfully with the dropouts something new?

Suggest running ZCA on iPad or iPhone as a BT bridge while running zwift on laptop. This typically results in bullet proof connection.

Been running this set up for 2 years without issue. Nothing new. Wondered if this problem was a result of one of the many updates recently?

Anyone else having similar issues?

Upload a log file from a bad ride to and post screenshots here, or share the results link (if you have issues posting a link in the forum, just mangle it by changing https to httpX or some such)

After latest iphone update today 28/10/23 uk (didn’t show on app store but did in game) ipone cannot see or connect with kickr bike in zwift.