Connecting Wahoo RPM with Zwift

(Peter Ladegaard) #1

I see a number of older posts raising and trying to address this issue, but it seems unresolved:

I have a Wahoo RPM cadence sensor, which is not picked up by Zwift (from a PC/laptop). Various trouble shooting has been done: Battery check, bluetooth on, etc. But it still doesn’t register on the screen.

What’s even more strange is that Zwift mus be recording the RPM data in one way or the other, since the data appears in Strava after sync. 

Any help much appreciated.


(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Peter, are you trying to pair over ANT+ using an ANT+ usb dongle? Or are you using or mobile companion app to pick it up over bluetooth?

Is the light on the sensor blinking once you wake it up?


(Peter Ladegaard) #3

Hi John,
Am pairing over ANT+ using a dongle; yes, the sensor is blinking (can easily pick it over over iOS).

(Ross Condy) #4

Hi all,

I’ve also  been having issues pairing my Wahoo RPM/Cadence sensor to my Macbook Pro Zwift app. When i try it on the iOS app on my iPad my HRM, Cadence Sensor and Kickr connect immediately but not so on the Mac app. It can find my Kickr without any problem and takes a minute or so for the HRM. The Cadence sensor just doesn’t seem to want to connect no matter what i try. It’s not already paired to any other devices as it was bought specifically for the Kickr.

I should add this is all with Bluetooth as i don’t have an ANT+ dongle.

Thanks for the help,



(Phil Shirley) #5

Same problem for me.  Not working using Bluetooth and Mac app.  Anybody resolved this somehow?

Picks up on Wahoo app on my iPhone no problem (and Garmin when outdoors).


(Paul Allen) #6


Make sure the RPM is not connect other app/device including your phones Bluetooth. Bluetooth can only connect to one device/app at a time and I think this is the issue you are having.


I had the same problem today with my Wahoo RPM Cadence. I tried many times to connect it with my Macbook Retina directly through the built bluetooth but it didn’t work. Then I switched on the bluetooth le sensors button in zwift mobile link app but turned off the bluetooth on my iphone and closed zwift ios app in my iphone. After that my wahoo was immediately found by zwift in my Macbook and directly connected through built bluetooth without issues. But when I started it again it couldn’t find all my bluetooth devices include trainer and Tickr Run through built bluetooth, it just work via mobile link app.

Again with last update Zwift broke built bluetooth in Mac. 

(David Sanchez) #8

Morning! I am trying to connect my new wahoo cadence and speed sensors in my IPAD PRO by bluetoh but doesnt work in the App ZWIFT, but it already works in other apps like FITNESS WAHOO…pleas let me know what could be the solution…

IPAD PRO its not compatible for this apps or what is the problem?

someone can help me?

(Paul Allen) #9


You need to make sure that the Wahoo Blue S/C is not connected to any other app or device before starting Zwift, Bluetooth only allows one connection to a device or app at a time.

(Mike Hardcastle) #10

I find if you turn Bluetooth off on your phone or iPad then Zwift will pick it up. My phone kept picking up the HR monitor automatically and a Bluetooth sensor can only connect to one device at a time. Ant + will not work on an iOS device without a special dongle.