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Hi Shane, I still have the same issue (can’t connect the Kickr 2017 and the HR monitor with the Apple TV and the Wahoo cadence sensor with the Companion app). Do you know if this has been resolved. I think it worked for a while but then stopped. I have the latest updates for the Zwift application for the Apple TV and the latest update for the Zwift Companion on the iPhone running the latest IOS version. I tried everything, and I follow the steps shown in your video but that does not work. It looks like the system does like when I try to connect the third device because it looses the two devices that were connected before. This even though I choose the “Forget this Device” option (not the all devices). Thank you in advance for your time/feedback/help. It is very frustrating and I never know if I will be able to use the Zwift app or not. I just reversed to running Zwift on the iPad but the experience is not so great (I need to use reading glasses which is not very practical) and this makes the TV and Apple TV I bought just for that. I was working well before they made the change.

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It is interesting reading all this - as a new user I ran into many of these issues. I ended up choosing to connect my three devices (Snap, HR, Cadence) via the Companion App and when it works, it seems to work well. The weird thing is that about half the time it doesn’t work - the devices don’t show up in the Companion App or the Apple TV App.

Generally fixed by cycling Bluetooth on and off on the iPhone, and opening Wahoo and waiting for the three devices to connect before I open the Companion app.

While your team is looking at this, one thing I TOTALLY do not get, is why when I am connecting devices to the Companion App, I do that using the remote control on the TV??? It would be far more logical/intuitive to me to use the Companion App UI to add the devices to the Companion App. This would also reinforce the understanding that “this device is connecting to the iPhone, and the Companion App is sending the info on to the Apple TV”…

Just a thought.

Anyone got any news on new workarounds/updates to the connectivity/reliability issues with the combination of Apple TV, pairing through the Companion app and older Kickr Snaps?

Given that three months have passed, I’m guessing the update is ‘that’s how it works now, tough’.

Hi @Craig_Turnbull welcome to the Zwift forums.
We’re working on making Bluetooth pairing process better for all devices, not just tvOS.

When you also have iOS / Windows / MacOS / Android and factor in bridged Bluetooth connectiosn (using Zwift Companion, the NPE Cable, or the Viiiva heart rate monitor) vs native Bluetooth connections, the project scope is kinda big. We’re still working on that project because it’s crucial to a seamless and uniform pairing process across all operating systems.

Believe me - we can’t wait to announce when this cake’s fully baked.

I have the same problem. Elite Sterzo Smart is fantastic but unusable on Apple TV, unless you give HR
up. Connecting via ZC makes the system very unstable. The older solution was mutch better.

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I’ve given into the zwift/wahoo evil plan… sold my old Kickr and bought the Kickr V5!! It’s amazing and so nice having a foursome again with all my sensors!!:rofl::+1:t2:

Connecting devices via Companion as a bridge is impossible:
yesterday, during a race, connection lost, all disconnected and race ended.

Tomorrow is the day of Apple TV 6gen? maybe it will have more BT channels…

This is more of an ATV question, but is it possible to unpair your apple remote from your ATV then use your Iphone connected over wifi using its built in remote to control the TV, thus freeing up your 3rd BT connection on the ATV? I’m going to try this, didn’t know if anyone else thought of trying it.

Like many of you I have connected 2 devices through the ATV and my third to ZC prior to the update. While I can get them all connected through ZC post update the wattage is completely off. It jumps from 185 to 240 while I am on a flat section with no change in cadence or effort, and it gets harder to pedal going downhill???

I had similar issues using AppleTV with the Kickr Snap, a Garmin cadence sensor, and a Wahoo heart rate monitor. I worked around the problems using the North Pole Engineering Cable – it was relatively inexpensive and easy to set up. Now, I just route all my devices through the Cable. (The only minor quirk is that when I calibrate using Zwift, it fails the first time, but always works the second time.)

I have the same problems since the last update before it worked very well the Apple TV and company on iPhone 11. Now, sometimes I can not connect all the sensors or disconnect when ride.

Although I spent more money than I had planned in the beginning updating my sensors to be all BT compatible. Now I need to buy more equipment to utilize the older Ant + technology that I was moving away from, it’s extremely frustrating. I pulled the trigger on the CABLE it seems like the best option at this point. Nothing I love more than dropping another $50 just so I can get around something that used to work very well prior to the update. I loved connecting the old way even if it wasn’t supposed to work.

I have 3 bluetooth devices and I need to connect ZC in order to connect all that to apple tv. After I toggle the “pair with ZC” in the apple tv, the apple tv can no long find any bluetooth device to connect. But if I don’t toggle this button, apple tv will find all devices, it just is able to connect only 2.

@S_Sheepdog welcome to Zwift forums.
For Companion to work correctly, the device it’s running on must be on the same WiFi connection as the Apple TV. Please verify that’s the case?

There’s some more how-to about Companion on our Support Hub.