Connecting through appletv and companion app


I’ll try put something together on this now. It’s working after resetting BLE on my iPhone. I always thought there was an icon next to BLE devices connected via ZC and it didn’t switch everything over after the connection limit was reached… again it’s a shrug from here. If only these things were WiFi (which is what ZC effectively makes them anyway…)

Just adding my experience to the list - if I pair through the Companion App, my Kickr Snap has no resistance changes. Deeply frustrating. I ended up having to disconnect my cadence sensor and pair the Snap + HR strap directly to the aTV today, midway through a race.


Richard, that’s the worst! This has happened to me for the last three sessions. The Companion App won’t control my Kickr 2017, so I have to disconnect from Companion App and connect (sometimes after a reboot, grrr!) to the AppleTV, and therefore don’t have all the connections I want because we can no longer use the combination of pairing to AppleTV AND Companion App. Would hope this would be fixed sooner rather than later - and preferrably not by focusing on making us just use the companion app. They should let us have our old ways back!

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Very happy you are getting involved, GPLama. Zwift seem to want us to use the companion app and indicate they are focusing on making it stronger, but in the meantime it would be great if we could revert to the previous method of maxing out the AppleTV bt connections and then using that in combination with the Companion App for the third (or more, I guess) connection(s).

Versus how it used to work:

In case Zwift engineers think this is working, I can tell you it is not, at least not well.

Bit worrying how they keep saying it hasn’t changed. :laughing:


Zwift may have finally trained me. A little. I decided to film my process and show the issues I have. Connected via companion app, in workout mode with erg on. During warmup of the workout, the target is 60 Watts, increasing every 15 seconds for 10 minutes. At first I could ride at only 30 Watts (ERG is on, and that’s all it would let me put out), then it went a little high and and then started to focus in on the target (whatever it was by this time), but stayed well under the target, albeit by a relatively stable amount (12 -15 Watts low). After about 2 minutes, suddenly it locked in.

After that, I quit that test ride and started a new ride consisting of the specific route and workout I wanted to do today. It took fully 4 minutes of the warmup before locking in on the target in ERG mode.

So, Zwift has trained me that it works, but I’m not exactly satisfied with the way it works. Yet. I still think the AppleTV is a stronger connection (in my experience I have almost no dropouts when connected to the ATV).

The good news is that the Companion App connection was solid throughout the entire 75 minute workout. I might make a video from my filming, but if the connection with Companion App is stable from here on out, even if after a brief warmup of it’s own is needed, I’ll be happy enough. I think.

Thank goodness I am not the only one, I’ve spent 2 weeks trying to work out what I did wrong. I cannot connect via Companion app at all, only my Kickr 2017 to Apple TV plus TickrHRM. Nothing else will connect. All was perfect until the last update.
Any tips on how to get the Companion App working again would be appreciated I think I’ve tried everything. Super frustrating when everything was fine before 2 weeks ago.

Kristeen, did you view GPLama’s video a few posts back?
If following that doesn’t work, something I’ve found myself doing is some form of the following:

  1. before you turn your AppleTV on, turn your iPhone off, and then back on.
  2. Once it’s on, make sure bluetooth and wifi are active on the iPhone, and
  3. open the Zwift Companion App.
  4. Pedal your trainer.
  5. Then turn on your AppleTV and get the Zwift app going.
  6. After Companion App connects to bluetooth,
  7. select the option in the upper left of the Zwift screen to connect all devices to the companion app.

Sometimes, before doing this, I look at the bluetooth light on the trainer to see if it is solid or flashing. If solid, I definitely go through the above steps. If flashing, I can’t remember if the above steps are necessary or not.

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I am enjoying the simplicity of connecting all devices through the Companion App, but the constant drops are too much. When I first switched over to ATV two years ago I ran a hardwire to my ATV to insure I had a lock tight connection. NEVER had a drop out issue. Now dropouts are a regular occurrence because either the app crashes or WiFi connection is lost. I have decided to just forget cadence and pair everything through ATV until Zwift returns things to normal :crossed_fingers:

I dont pretend to understand the tech, all I know is pre update I could pair my direto for controllable and my assioma pedals for power and cadence (I feel they are more accurate than the direto for this) through ATV & then hr through companion app & all worked fine. Now the only way to do this is to pair everything through the app. However the controllable will not alter resistance on gradients. I’ve recalibrate and reset everything but no use. Please can we just have the old setup back, if it ain’t broke…

@shooj any updates on this. Sounds like some other fixes are in the works related to ERG issues. Has this been looked into any further?

I’ve had the same issues as you guys. Setup : Kickr 2017 + ATV 4K ± Companion app (iPhone 11), Wahoo cadence sensor, DASH HRM. I only need the HRM for racing, and would connect through the companion app for that when prompted by ATV as two devices were already connected - dropouts didn’t matter much for HR. Never had a single dropout from ATV.

Now everything has to go through Companion app and I get several dropouts (yesterday wasn’t rideable… impossible to race). WiFi signal from the Companion app to the ATV adds a useless layer of complexity to the whole process. One solution might be to get the Tickr X HRM which estimates your cadence and broadcasts it to one channel. Still very annoying as it is currently out of stock, and as a lot of us purchased the Apple TV 4K for Zwift only.

It needs to be fixed.