Connecting edge 520

(Derek Allen) #1

unable to pair with swift using iPad Air 2.


(Paul) #2

Garmin devices are Ant+ only and Zwift for iOS is Bluetooth only for now.


(Crystal Haggard ZHQ) #3

Hi Derek - the Edge 520 only receives information, it doesn’t transmit it which is one reason why you won’t be able to connect it to anything in Zwift (iOS, Mac or PC).  Like Paul mentioned, iOS is Bluetooth while Garmin runs on ANT+, so if you have ANT+ Garmin sensors you’d like to connect, you will need something like the Viiiiva HRM which acts as an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge. Hope this helps! 


(Luke Trueman) #4

Hi Derek, I’m trying to use an iPad to get up and running with Zwift - Did you sort the problem out? I am using Garmin speed and cadence sensors, iPad 2 and a supported classic trainer, but can’t seem to connect/ link devices. Do you know if I need a ANT+ connector for the sensors and iPad to work together? Thanks


(Paul) #5


Garmin devices are Ant+ only and Zwift for iOS is Bluetooth only for now. You will need a lightning to 30 pin adapter and then you could use the Wahoo Ant+ key.


(Luke Trueman) #6

Cheers Paul, I’ve now downloaded Zwift to my laptop - which meets the recommended criteria - and I think buying the ANT+ Garmin sensor will be the better and cheaper option now. Appreciate the reply though. Cheers


(James Mullett) #7

Crystal H (Official Comment).  The edge 520 uses two-way communication via bluetooth.  All of my Garmin sensors talk to my Edge 520 and/or my Fenix 3 via ANT+ and my Edge 520 and/or Garmin Fenix 3 talk to my iPhone using bluetooth.   The Edge 520 should be able to bridge the ANT+ and Bluetooth communication protocol gap just like the four eye or CABLE.  I don’t understand why it doesn’t?  That gap is bridged for other apps (Garmin Connect, Strava, etc.)


(Gerrie) #8

No the 520 cant act as a bridge, it only use Bluetooth to sent bulk data to your phone, it does not constantly broadcast your sensor data over Bluetooth.



(James Mullett) #9

It’s a shame.  It has all the necessary hardware and capability to do this, it’s a matter of software (perhaps firmware update) to add this functionality to the edge so we don’t have to buy yet another piece of electronics.


(Sue Zurface) #10

I was using the Garmin 910xt, which paired with my ANT+ and connected to Zwift.  I’ve switched to the Edge 520, which I cannot get to connect to Zwift.  I’m technologically impaired and I’ve read the above comments.  Can someone tell me specifically and like I’m 7 years old what I need to do to make my 520 communicate with Zwift?  Thank you.


(Paul) #11

The Edge and the 910xt never have and I am betting never will connect to Zwift, that is not how Zwift works.

What devices are you trying to connect to Zwift (Speed/cadence sensor, power meter, trainer…)?

Your devices will connect to Zwift via a USB ANT+ dongle inserted into your computer, the Garmin device cannot act as a bridge for this.