confused using my satori smart

(Justin Gorby) #1

hello. im new to using this whole system of smart trainers and zwift and I have a few questions.

quick story I jumped on a London course and was going about 10 mph at 100 watts. then I reached the hills with same watts and dropped to 4 mph with about a 3% incline. this is good imo, but when I cranked up to about 200 watts my speed had not changed.

so for questions, do I need to manually change the resistance levels to increase the accurcy of what im doing in zwift? (the trainer is a manual)

if yes what levels should I set it to by the percentage? like res lvl # for #% to #%

that’s about it, there maybe a few things I don’t know to ask about so if you have tips for this topic feel free to give.