Confirm setup and initiate ride from mobile app

Since almost everyone is some distance from their computers it would be nice to move the device pairing and ‘join/just ride’ options over to the mobile app. 

Due to my setup I have to bring my wireless mouse over to the bike with me and drag it around my leg to start a ride, which is kind of awkward.

That would be helpful; although I just click on Just Ride and then walk over to my bike trainer and get on and start pedaling. Seems like the timer doesn’t start until I get moving, so works ok.

Yeah, I found that until the very most recent update that Zwift wouldn’t pair reliably unless you connected your devices and then started riding right away–the connections would drop and you’d have to restart the app altogether and try again. (Mac)

The long term vision is not far off from what you describe. We’re also working on making the pairing bullet proof. It needs to be for when we introduce BLE support.

A true pause (instead of quit) would be a nice companion feature on the phone app; which I think has been mentioned elsewhere.

Has this been implemented?  I can’t find any reference to it in the knowledge base, nor an option within the android app.