I have problems connecting, I enter my login it starts to load then a login window appears again and a message appears that there is an internet problem.

Bom dia @Luiz_Souza! Welcome to Zwift forums.
If the app is showing a possible internet problem message, there’s a couple of steps you can take to prove / disprove this.

  1. Find the log files that record all the game app’s activity on your computer. The Support Hub has instructions how to find log files.

  2. Upload the log file to This is a third-party site that will analyze your network connections (internet, ANT, also Bluetooth) so you are armed with information on taking next steps. Sometimes, it’s a simple as rebooting your router or WiFi repeater.

  3. Zwift is a graphics-intensive game, and it’s important that your internet connection have low latency (low ping values). You can check your internet peformance at []. ( If you test the connection to a server in Los Angeles, it will be very close to where our servers are located in Long Beach, CA. Would you let us know what the ping rate is?