Concept of Squads / Team / Equipe

Context: As a hardcore Battlefield 4 player, I always appreciated the way BF has implemented the concept of the squad in the game and what impact this has to the player experience. Depending on who is on your squad, this can either make it easier or more difficult to achieve your objectives. Studies have shown that players being selected as “Squad Leaders” experience an additional incentive to try harder and venture more in the game as this allows the rest of the squad members to spawn on them (thus making it easier to complete objectives).

I claim that introducing this concept into Zwift could add an additional level of competition and engagement where, instead of individuals just chasing for their own glory, could feel compelled to try harder since their result/performance can have a bearing on others who are depending on them.

This can be further extended to introducing the team time trial where a rider who’s in front of the “train” is taking the blunt of the air resistance, etc but the riders behind get draft “reward” yet need to keep their power output/cadence closely within the leader so as not to get dropped. I know several people have suggested/asked about drafting so i’ll leave it there.

What would be interesting is if this idea did take fold, clans/teams would be formed thus strengthening the community around Zwift!

Hmmmmmm…interesting. Maybe with team only chats.