Computrainer with MacBook Air M1 dropouts

Is anyone out there running the Computrainer with MacBook Air M1 (base model)? I have been running with Zwift with computrainer with a Mac book pro for years and I literally don’t ever remember a dropout but since I got the new MacBook Air M1, I see multiple dropouts per hour of ride plus the graphics are very choppy regardless of resolution.

Is the MacBook Air underpowered for this application? Is anyone else running this setup? Any advice?


That should work fairly well. Ref the video “Smart bike trainers” posted on his YouTube channel two days ago.

The video you reference just talks about the matchbook air m1, not the air paired with the computrainer, that’s what I was wondering if anyone else haas tried.

Hello, I have tried my CT on a new MacBook Air w/ M1 chipset. It doesn’t work well at all. I’m pretty sure it’s due to the new Mac OS that runs on the M1. Any software needed to run the CT on Zwift needs to be rendered through Rosetta. You can’t load the necessary drivers for the FTDI adaptor since they are not compatible with the new Mac OS. Not sure this is the immediate issue but likely related. I plan to spend some time with it. Should I have any revelations, I will post them. In the meantime, I will continue to use my old MacBook Pro with an Intel chip set running an older version of Mac OS.

One more note. The MacBook Air with M1 chip is not underpowered. The graphics capability is far superior to older MacBook Air or even MacBook Pro’s except maybe a MacBook Pro 15" with a separate AMD GPU. So it’s not the computer, it’s the interface between our old CT’s and the newer technology. Need to figure out how to make an old CT bluetooth compatible…