Computrainer Questions

(Don Sutton) #1

I got a couple of questions/suggestions.

  1. Calibration, how do I calibrate (or maybe we need that feature)? The traditional f3 button doesn’t work in the current version of Zwift. Not an issue for me as I’m usually doing intervals on PerfPro before and my trainer is calibrated prior to coming in to Zwift.
  2. Should I really be hitting 42mph down a 6% slope? Maybe I don’t know but it doesn’t seem to matter if I pedal wide open in 52/11 or moderatly at 52/14, I still hit 41ish.
  3. Is there a way I can check my weight entered. The power to weight numbers seem a little high.
  4. Today I lost my green jersey but nobody beat my time. It was strange. I outrsprinted a guy regained my green, and 5 sec later it disappeared but he did not beat me. When I came back around he was 10 seconds off of me and I was still the sprint KOM.
  5. My computrainer speeds seem a little high. Power is good, speed seems a little high.
  6. Drafting is almost pointless, when it works it’s good but otherwise it’s a frustrating PITA. It’s equivalent to riding in a paceline with new riders

You guys got a bad a$$ product! The island gets a little boring when there’s only fun riders but attacking others who came to play and competing makes it infinitely fun!

I’ve got ERGvideos, everything from computrainer, PerffPro, and Trainerroad. This is the best software right now. It’s fun and engaging and I can equally blow myself up just like I’m out on the road. Pretty freaking fun while ‘training’ in the offseason. He!! this could be an awesome way to jump right in to race season racing others around the island.

(L Read) #2
  1. Everyone weighs 75kg right now. No weight adjustment yet.

(William Gillanders) #3

I agree that Zwift is awesome. However, the drafting is going to be a key element of success. The ability to draft will make it much more interesting and interactive. The mobile app won’t make a huge difference until the drafting is improved

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #4

I’d suggest you guys try riding in the “3” view, which is the direct rider perspective. I think it makes drafting easier as it gives a better feel for distance from the rider in front of you.

(William Gillanders) #5

Hi Greg - I agree that view 3 helps - but drafting still could be improved

(Steve Richards) #6

I ride PerfPRO Studio in our small studio (5 CTs) and would like to see the F3 kickout to calibrate (like PerfPRO) as well. I tried the CompuTrainer version by unplugging the handlebar controller, but that lost my connection and I had to restart. I also agree that speed seems high on the downhills.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #7

Hi Don! Thanks for all the feedback! I can comment on a few of the points here:

  1. We do not have calibration as part of Zwift at the moment. You need to calibrate beforehand. We are looking into this.
    2 + 3 + 5) These would probably all weight-related. Once we have the ability to enter in your weight, your speed should be more normalized.
  2. It was possibly an AI that stole the jersey. When you were through the sprint point again, did you still have the top score? Did you revert to the jersey you started with or was it replaced with the KOM (polka dot) jersey?
  3. Drafting is pretty hard to program right, funny enough. We’re working on it, though!

Hope these help!

(D THANG) #8

Omg I bet drafting is really hard to program. Not sure if there will be variable wind in the full release game as well, but damn that would be really hard to program, drafting and changes with that due to wind.

I ended up in this thread after searching about power meter slope calibration. Can you (Zwift hq) see the slope settings on individuals’ setups? That would be a good way to identify cheaters or devices that are showing higher watts for the same physical effort.

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #9

The key to drafting, from a user perspective, is to have some visual indication that it is taking place. I suggest a small bar graph that contains within it the number of watts saved. It is both precise and easy to gauge visually with your peripheral view. The mechanics of calculating draft may be hard, but expressing it well in the UI is where it really can succeed.

(Jason Love) #10

I typically ride prior to starting Zwift with my Computrainer to validate the calibration; would this then hold in Zwift.

It would be nice to have an option to calibrate the trainer within Zwift and tremendous to have more of the analytics such as those in PerfPro to review/cycle through.

Really enjoying the product.

(Harvey Miller) #11

If you study the program Netathlon, a simulation like Zwift but active 20 years sooner, you’ll note that drafting is handled by placed a numerical percentage “drafting” sign on the bottom right of the screen. Works like a charm.