Computrainer performance change since 6/10 update

(Vladimir Troche) #1

Since the 6/10 update I have noticed that riding Watopia on my Computrainer has gotten more difficult. I have had a difficult time achieving the same wattage that I could achieve before the update. It is certainly possible that it could just be me, but I was wondering if anyone has noted the same. The climbs feel harder now than before the update. Also, on the flats I can’t increase the power as much as I could before. My settings have not changed (Height, weight, etc). 

(Stewart G teamWBR) #2

I have a CT and haven’t noticed much different. Maybe you have the trainer difficulty setting higher now on the pause screen or you are powering Zwift through the CT using data from a powermeter?

(Vladimir Troche) #3

The issue was resolved after a tedious afternoon calibrating the Computrainer prior to the ride. Thank you for your input.

(Jeff Hirsch) #4

By calibrating, you mean adjusting the load screw on the load generator behind the sticker or the roll down calibration?

(Vladimir Troche) #5

I meant by performing the roll down calibration before going to Zwift to ride.