CompuTrainer - Paired devices - No Signal

(Randy King ZHR (D)) #1

When Pairing a Device, I can see my CompuTrainer (COM4), it populates the Power / Speed categories but the graphic image says: No Signal.

When I enter the Zwift Island course under Join, there is no interaction, my rider is just sitting at the starting position waiting. My device is calibrated and my RacerMate system can communicate with my CompuTrainer just fine as I tested things. loaded the most recent FTDI-Excutable-Driver-Win-7 driver, still no luck.

I am using the CompuTrainer Lab system with direct USB/FTDI connection, no ANT+ dongle or USB sensors.

Any thoughts?

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Randy,

If you are experiencing issues, please send us a support ticket versus posting on the forum. You can find the link up top near your name.


(Ann. Barnes) #3

I am in same situation as comment above, have reviewd other threads about hitting the A key… no luck 

suggestions ? 

(Jason K) #4

@Ann: As Eric mentioned above, please submit a support ticket (here’s a handy link:

Closing old thread.